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iCarly fan fiction: iReunite

SlushPuppy September 18, 2011 User blog:SlushPuppy

Okay, I'm basically writing a fanfiction about Carly, Sam and Freddie when they're 25-ish, getting back together aftrer high school/college and starting iCarly again.

Carly begins her career as a singer, on tour as the opening number for Taylor Swift. Sam is in jail for attempting to steal an ATM. And Freddie has his own computer company. One day Carly visits a jail to introduce prisoners to the arts (hopefully more successfully that Spencer) and she bumps into Sam. Refreshing Sam's details, she then runs in to Freddie while buying a new computer. A few weeks later, Sam is let out of jail and they meet up and make the videos again.

What do you think?

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