• Smileygirl

    ihire an idiot

    January 31, 2011 by Smileygirl

    i saw that ihire an idiot is gonna be aired soon but i can't watch it on t.v and i know that i ask allot but what can i's the only way i can watch here are my questions :

    • can i watch the episode online and on which website if i can ?
    • what time does the episode aired in U.S.A ?
    • when can i see the episode on ?
    • is there any more episodes to watch ikiss, itwins and isam's mom other than and ?

    thats all i need but please accept my apology for asking tooooo much about the episodes!!

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  • Smileygirl

    pleeeaaase help me

    January 23, 2011 by Smileygirl

    please help me...i can't watch icarly on t.v so i'm watching it on the web after i asked you guys about a website to watch them and someone told me aboyt and it's really good but it doesn't have the most episodes i wanna

    imove out

    iQuit icarly

    ihave my principals


    so please tell me another website which lets me watch it online

    p.s :i tried to watch it on nick but i can only watch it if i am in USA but i'm from another country!!

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  • Smileygirl

    we all know that in ichristmas when spenser was born normal he was engaged with mrs.benson but would you like the show if spenser was married and that he has two little kids????

    i wouldn't like it even if his wive was funny and a little crazy like him

    i think it's gonna be very weird and it wouldn;t be funny with out single crazy spenser

    now tell me your opinion!!! :D

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  • Smileygirl

    I saw a lot of seddiers says that Sam and Freddie are meant to be…and a lot of creddiers says that Freddie and Carly are meant to be…and some people are wondering why…well..he would love Carly because she is pretty, smart like him, honest and nice. But she always reject him and she almost broke his heart and in ISYL she admitted that she only loves what he did and she is sometimes selfish…I shouldn't have write all that cause you actually know it but I just wanna show you my point!

    Now…he would love Sam because she is also pretty and her life isn't very good just like Freddie(no dad…unusual mom…)but I don't think that the horrible life could be a reason(I mean you can't love someone for the situation of his/her life but you can love him/her…

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  • Smileygirl

    the wiki fight

    December 28, 2010 by Smileygirl

    the members of the icarly wiki are fighting...which of these are gonna happen??? creddie...or seddie...i think that you should stop writing these CRAZY comment cause you are fighting for something that it isn't are making this website a way to be rude and mean to other people while the website was made for fun...and fighting isn't fun

    like there is alot of creddie shippers who are very rude to seddie shippers a mean how could you sleep at night when you say something horrible to others!?!?!?!?

    i think there should be another option other than creddie and seddie which is:that Freddie wont date any of Carly and Sam

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