I saw a lot of seddiers says that Sam and Freddie are meant to be…and a lot of creddiers says that Freddie and Carly are meant to be…and some people are wondering why…well..he would love Carly because she is pretty, smart like him, honest and nice. But she always reject him and she almost broke his heart and in ISYL she admitted that she only loves what he did and she is sometimes selfish…I shouldn't have write all that cause you actually know it but I just wanna show you my point!

Now…he would love Sam because she is also pretty and her life isn't very good just like Freddie(no dad…unusual mom…)but I don't think that the horrible life could be a reason(I mean you can't love someone for the situation of his/her life but you can love him/her for what he/she does) but maybe the kiss would change some of Freddie's feeling and if you realized that in most of the show Sam and Freddie are standing next to each others like they are supporting each other and sometimes they say the same thing at the same time like in (inevel)when both of them starts sneezing and saying GERMS …it looks like they have some similar thoughts

Now I still think that creddie/seddie shouldn't happen because like that the director will focus on creddie/seddie WAY more than the other icarly characters

now if you like or not please write your opinion…this is my first blog about creddie and seddie!!

smileygirl 13:51, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

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