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    Creddie Is Canon

    November 24, 2012 by Sockstar1


    They love each other.




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    So I originally wrote this for the Creddie Forum located:

    I have decided to copy it over here :D

    So you've finally decided to write a fanfic!

    "I want to upload it right now!"

    Slow down there Timmy, you can't just create a account and start tapping away!

    "I can't?"

    "No, unless you want to be ridiculed and shamed."

    "Well gee Mister, I don't want that. Can you help me out?"

    "Sure Timmy, but first get me another bottle of whiskey."

    Step 1: Software

    I personally use OpenOffice, because I'm too lazy to pirate MS Office. However recently a new program has sprung off from OpenOffice, called LibreOffice. It's pretty much the same thing with changes based on how 'open source' it is. It doesn't really matter what one you use.

    If …

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    Dan may only have permission for a 4 episode arc and Nick will have their usual stupid control over the rest of the episodes.

    The numbers indicate what the likely airing code is. iOMG was 4x13.

    This is what I've got:

    April 28th - iCarly Set put back up.

    First up. My preliminary timeline had a day short on iDS&F. My explanation now is that Jim Parsons did his guest spot on the 6th of June. This gave a day from iLMM that could be used to film iDS&F. It generally takes 4 days to film an iCarly episode, with the day before being a read and run through/rehersal.

    4x15 - iDS&F aka Caught in the Middle - May 3 Run-through, Filmed from 4th to 6th, and then on Monday 9th of May. This will be the second part of the seddie arc. Likely to be the part of the arc …

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    FIrstly, this is not a Creddie only blog.

    I see no reason why Cam/Spam/Seddie/Fribby/Frendy/Felanie/Jalex/Spary/Creddiam shippers can't particpate. But I would ask those who do not ship Creddie to not argue with my viewpoints on Seddie here, because this post isn't really about that. I welcome your thoughts on my post, on Dan's actions and the reactions of people in the blog here.

    iSeddie, for those who don't know is what some people often from outside the fandom but who have a connection into it, have come to describe their interaction with iCarly. It's not a "Seddie bashing" or "Sam bashing" name, it's not meant to be negative, only mildly humorous.

    This isn't a Seddie bashing post. I'm not going to talk about the reasons I dislike it.

    In fa…

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    This originally started as a reply to this blog.

    But it got a little long. On that blog there people commenting who missed the entire point of the blog.

    They still 'predict' with complete confidence. Overconfidence perhaps.

    I've read Creddie fans on this wikia are feeling bad, they read comments about how this that and the other is definitely going to happen and they feel down.

    I'm making this post for them. The Creddie fans.

    That blog was very 'broad'.

    I'm going to be more specific. For the most part.

    All of these are in their own way 'predictions'. Something may happen that I've talked about, but it could happen for a different reason. Some of the things I talk about may happen. Seddie could become endgame. Carly might not get jealous. Sam and Fr…

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