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  • I live in Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is School
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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    Today I sat in my room after having yet another fight with my mum and realised my life is scarcely similar to that of Sam Puckett’s

    I mean…the only difference is my friend is more like Sam and I’m more like Freddie personality-wise.

    Basically…I have an Aunt in jail (she’s literally CRAZY TOWN) She stalked my grandparents and kicked open their door…didn’t go inside but instead left a big slab of COLD LIVER on their doorstep and left for a while. She came back a few hours later with a screw driver and scratched my other aunties car writing horrible words on there (most of them spelt wrong but still readable). She did a lot of other bad things I’d rather not share…

    To be honest…most of my relatives are messed up but lets not get into that.

    My fr…

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak the title speaks for it's self really.

    Do you think a guy and a girl can be friends without haveing ANY rominting feelings or attraction to eachother.

    So I want your your a guy or a girl all opinions are valid. :)

    SSSF (SomeSortaSeddieFreak) aka Jade xx

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    ignore this haha

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    So basically I've been in france for the last two weeks on a school trip (it's absolutely amazing there by the way) which ment I didn't have any internet acsess or TV which ment I missed two episodes of iCarly...

    One of them being iLove you...

    I was so excited that I ignored the fact that I had MAJOR jet lagg this morning and got up at 6am to watch iLove as a seddier you can imagine my dissapontment when I got to the end of this episode...Sam and Freddie broke up...they said that they loved eachother first but then they BROKE UP!? And what's even worse is that the break up went almost esactly like Creddie's breakup...They think that it isn't real and then episode they are all normal like nothing has even happened... iQ wa…

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    I have a serious problem...

    Okay so I've been a Seddie shipper for probebly about 3 years now...and I love them to peices but when I watched iDate Sam and Freddie last weekend I really disliked it...but it wasn't just the eppisode but also Seddie it's self.'d think a seddier like me would enjoy all of the kissing between Sam and Freddie but I just though it was so... OCC... I never imagined that when Sam and Freddie would finally get togeather they would share so much PDA! The fist kiss in iDSAF was cute but the second wasn't really know?

    And I was so pissed off at the stupid things they fought over! They could have easily worked it out themselfs! Well...maybe not Sam because she's...well...Sam but Freddie is just s…

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