Today I sat in my room after having yet another fight with my mum and realised my life is scarcely similar to that of Sam Puckett’s

I mean…the only difference is my friend is more like Sam and I’m more like Freddie personality-wise.

Basically…I have an Aunt in jail (she’s literally CRAZY TOWN) She stalked my grandparents and kicked open their door…didn’t go inside but instead left a big slab of COLD LIVER on their doorstep and left for a while. She came back a few hours later with a screw driver and scratched my other aunties car writing horrible words on there (most of them spelt wrong but still readable). She did a lot of other bad things I’d rather not share…

To be honest…most of my relatives are messed up but lets not get into that.

My friend Jarrod who I’ve known pretty much since birth (he’s only 6 months older than myself)….is well…mean. And his personality very much reflects Sam’s. He hates me (I’m sure of it) But my parents say that’s just how he expresses himself…through both physical and emotional torture towards me :/ Sometimes he goes just a little to far. Like last week we were playfully bantering (banter he usually wins) and he outright said he wished I was dead! It hurt but you know… Me being the wimp that I am I gave up knowing I couldn’t fight back and win.

Problem is lately…I mean were both 16 and he’s seriously attractive and I hate looking at him in THAT way because you know that’s like forbidden territory with best friends! He’s like my brother! O.o

And me well…I’m a nerd…I love my computer…I always do my school work and I’m pretty much a sad excuse for a girl :/

My immediate family is okay. Probably the only thing I don’t have in common with Sam is my family. My dad is very…well…he is bipolar (literally) so he gets very angry easily and a lot and my mum never stops stressing. And my sister (she’s 10) is a complete NUTCASE! She never shuts up and can do ANYTHING herself. My family is irritating but somehow I still love them.

That’s pretty much it…there’s probably stuff I forgot to mention but oh well…

There you have it…I’m almost your real life Sam Puckett...sorta...

Love Jade aka SSSF (@SomeSortaSeddieFreak) xx

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