I have a serious problem...

Okay so I've been a Seddie shipper for probebly about 3 years now...and I love them to peices but when I watched iDate Sam and Freddie last weekend I really disliked it...but it wasn't just the eppisode but also Seddie it's self.'d think a seddier like me would enjoy all of the kissing between Sam and Freddie but I just though it was so... OCC... I never imagined that when Sam and Freddie would finally get togeather they would share so much PDA! The fist kiss in iDSAF was cute but the second wasn't really know?

And I was so pissed off at the stupid things they fought over! They could have easily worked it out themselfs! Well...maybe not Sam because she's...well...Sam but Freddie is just so weak when it comes to her! And Sam was just...more irritating than usual.

I just...feel like the more I think of iDSAF the more I'm drifting into the 'no shipping zone' which I hate! I don't want that...blech! But don't worry I won't cnvert to Creddie...ew! (No offence creddiers...but they make one awkward couple)

I'm calling this my 'Mid Seddie Crisis' (you people at 50 have their 'Mid Life Crisis'?)

Please help me out Seddiers...Tell me I'm wrong! I've been a Seddie shipper for too long to give it up now!:/

Jade (SSSF) xx

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