Hey guys SomeSortaSeddieFreak here :) Or you can just call me Jade I'm cool with that too :)

Anyway I'll Just get stright to the point...


Look...basically what I'm trying to say is that everyone is getting a little too obsessed with their shipping. Everyone so focused on the events of iOMG that their begining to lose it...This is directed at EVERYONE. I think the arguments are starting to get a little bit stupid and pointless guys...

People are forgetting about iCarly, the wonderful comedy show we watch today... What I mean by that is people are more concerned about who freddie should be with than just laughing at spencer lighing something on fire or gibby making another one of his completely stupid and random remarks...It saddens me...It really does...

I'm hoping alot of you see this blog and take a little re-think what this show is really about. I'm not saying to stop shipping! Because shipping is's strangely fun to obsess over the prosperity of two people getting togeather... But people are really starting to let their shipping overshadow their love for the show...Most of you wouldn't admit it to yourselfs but your doing it...hell...I've been doing it!

I realised when I was watching iHire an Idiot that I was waiting for all of the 'Seddie Moments' to happen instead of just sitting there and laughing at the stupidity like I used to...I got a real reality check that night and ever since I've been slowly distancing myself from shipping and focusing back on the show.

I know at the moment it's hard to retain from all of the hype of iOMG but seriously guys....just chill :)

Thanks for reading my rant :P xx SSSF (aka. Jade)

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