Alright...So as I'm sure you've all heard.. There is some..sorry...ALOT...of fustration and confusion going around at the moment...

Firstly I'd like to adress the fact that yes...there will be a Seddie arc...and yes it will be 'resolved' BUT what exactly to they mean by 'resolved'? Could it be that we get our own little sweet moment of Seddie and then have it all completely CRUSHED in iBreak Up?

Secondly...there's also the fact that we could be coming back to 'solve' iSYL as Dan indicated on twitter, in a supposed episode that comes after iMajor Guest which hey...for you Creddiers is absolutely swell isn't it...yeah...thought so...

But really guys...what is there to solve? Sure Freddie said after Carly has finished her 'bacon' faze maybe they could give it another go...that was a year iCarly time that is, and Freddie obviously realized he didn't like Carly like that anymore, otherwise why would he go out with Sam? And would he not have jumped at the chance to rekindle their romance not long after the incident if he did still have feelings for her?

But then I guess there is also alot to question about Seddie too if you think about it...That first or not if sam WAS actually jealous in iSpeed Date when she saw Carly and Freddie dancing...Which brings me to another point, did Freddie dance with Carly because he still like her OR because their both really good friends that really DID just deserve one good dance at the end of a bad night? I guess that will be logically explained by the end of iLMM...lets hope...

I recon I'm over thinking this...Dan is seriously messing with our minds...What if Sam and Carly fight over Freddie...realize neither of them should date him and move on!? I'm pretty sure Dan would have an army of angry fans outside his house if he did that...I think poor Dan might be trying to give us an equal chance with our ships but it's probebly only going to end in anger...well...we shall find out in A COUPLE OF YEARS

Thats my other issue! Why are the episodes SO FAR APART! It's like waiting for Christmas when your takes forever!!! I can tell you now...there cirtainly was never this long of a wait for a new episode of Hannah Montana or WOWP on Disney Channel when I was younger.

Please give me your predictions, thoughts and even critisizem (because that helps too) because I'm so angry and confused and need someone to agree with so that I don't go completely insane thoughout the rest of this year :S

Jade (SSSF) xx (offically 16 today :D)

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