Now I'm here to discuss weather or not this supposed episode 'iTake A Cruiser' is real.

I've seen the script next to Jennette in that picture during the filming of iDSAF and the title is definitely there. But the question is, was it filmed on the Nick cruise or has it not gone forward? (maybe due to Miranda's injuries)

There is also something else that may cause more confusion for all of you (I know it confused me!)

Australia is having and iCarly/Victorious marathon...normal right? WRONG. It's called iCruise with Victorious! Basically what is different about this marathon is that Jennette, Nathan, Danielle etc are sort of hosting this marathon, of which was filmed on the Nick cruise.

Here's the promo for it -

Now my point is...maybe the iTake A Cruiser script Jennette was holding was not for an episode but for the hosting of the marathon. What I'm trying to say is that iTake A Cruiser might be iCruise with Victorious.

Jennette also said on the Nick cruise that iTake A Crusier was not real and just made up. That just makes me even more confused!

If anyone can sort this out for me it would be much appriciated. Comment if you like, I want to hear your opinions on weather or not you think iTake A Cruiser is something different, if so, what will the episode be about? And wouldn't it just be Sam and Freddie minus Carly? Because miranda hasn't been able to film due to the crash lately.

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