Wow...third blog in one day...

The title should have been "Are You Smarter Than a ____ Grader?". But it didn't work.

Anyway, I came up with a game that may or may not be fun for all of you!

So hopefully, you clicked on this because you've seen the game show, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" (Jeff Foxworthy FTW!).

Basically, the game will go like this. You ask in a comment, "Are you smarter than a(n) *insert your grade level here* grader?" Then, you ask a question that you've learned the answer to this school year.

Other users will type their grade level and their best answer (try not to cheat...haha) to the question as a reply to your comment. After people have answered, you give the right answer and say who was and who wasn't smarter than your grade level.

If you're uncomfortable about giving your grade level, you don't have to. Because I know some people have better internet safety rules than I do.

So yeah. If you feel like playing, go ahead. Have fun. :)

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