I saw The Bucket List...great movie. Morgan Freeman. <3

Anypooh, this is a response to Ace's blog. She wrote some of the things on her bucket list. I will write some of mine.

1. Break a world record. My friends and I were thinking of filling a pool with JELL-O (world's largest blob of gelatin or something) or putting together the world's largest pile of socks.

2. the rain/at midnight on New Year's Eve/under the mistletoe.

3. Get over my fear of public speaking/singing.

4. Make a room full of people laugh while actually trying to (as in not just tripping and falling accidentally).

5. Post a video on Youtube and get one view from a stranger.

6. Go to another country (England, Australia, CANADA!).

7. Learn to play a full song on the piano and sing it at the same time. Hopefully a song I created myself.

8. Tell someone all my secrets.

9. Have someone trust me enough to tell me all their secrets.

10. Start a journal.

11. Change someone's life for the better.

12. Read all the Harry Potter books.

13. Be the best at something.

14. Grow my hair down to my waist (the way I wanted it as a little kid).

15. Fall in love with someone as insane as me.

That's all for now. But I'll add more. :)

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