Right now, the iCarly episode that I am looking forward to most is the possible iCarly movie special that will probably feature the cast of Drake and Josh. They are two of my favorite shows and seeing them together in one movie would be amazing. Although it will air a long time from now (season six), I still want to hear you thoughts.

Are you excited?

Did you like Drake and Josh when it aired?

What do you predict the storyline will be like?

Will they show Carly and Megan and Spencer and Crazy Steve on-screen at the same time?

Would Megan and Sam make an awesome pair of friends?

If Crazy Steve and Spencer are shown in the same scene, will you die of epicness and then quickly come back to life so you can watch?

Will Craig and Eric also return? What about Gavin?

Will I stop asking these questions?


So yeah...comment if you wish. :D

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