Oh my gosh! Hi! I just figured out how to post a blog! Yay for me being a little less technologically challenged! :)

So yeah...

Okay, I really wish Nickelodeon would sell real Penny Tees like the ones on the show. There are similar shirts on, but they're not authentic.

But something I thought might be slightly fun for you peoples...

Post a comment and tell us what you would want on your very own Penny Tee.

Hmmm...some of my ideas:

Mood Underpants

Squirrel Frenzy

Milking Water

Melancholy Ponies

My Little Fat Cake

Dandy Pickles

Marrried Ducks

Poodle Power

Muffin Munch

Pizza Nickels

Rambunctious Turtles post away!

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