Okay, so this may or may not be important to you. It probably isn't. But it kinda is to me.

So I've read some fanfictions. Yeah, you heard me. I am nerdy enough to read iCarly fanfiction. But you're not a judgy person, so you don't care...right?

Anyway, when I read a story where Sam and Freddie get married, 90% of the time, Sam becomes Sam Benson.


Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Sam doesn't wanna be a Benson?

I'm not saying that she won't marry Freddie (I hope she will), but I don't think she'll change her last name. There are a few good reasons why she wouldn't:

1. Sam Puckett sounds better than Sam Benson. The name, "Puckett" suits her.

2. I don't think she would want to be known as Mrs. Benson. We all know who the current Mrs. Benson, and I'm certain that she wouldn't want to be associated with her.

3. I think she would feel like Freddie owned her if she changed her name. And Sam likes to be dominant

You know what I mean? No? What's that? You want me to take a golf club and...

Yikes! These comments should really be monitored.

So tell me your thoughts in the comments. Do you think Sam Puckett would become Sam Benson or possibly Sam Puckett-Benson or not?


If you're a girl, will you keep your last name of change it for your future husband (or wife...we don't judge)?

If you're a guy, does it even matter to you if you future wife (or husband...once again, we don't judge) changes her last name for you?

And if your future spouse has different views than you on this matter, how would you two handle it?

Sorry if this bored you. Just needed to get it out...

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