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  • Sparky516

    Important Seddie Question

    September 16, 2011 by Sparky516

    So this is mostly gonna be an important question about Sam and Freddie. So, I was thinking about their realationship and started to wonder when Freddie started to like Sam.In my opinion I always thought Freddie started to like Sam in iKiss. My guess is he started to realize feelings that he never knew were there. Anyways alot of people have been telling me that they started in other episodes or whatever and I wanted your opinion. Please help me. Also please read my other blog on the iLove you Theory. Thanks!

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  • Sparky516

    iLove You Theory

    September 8, 2011 by Sparky516

    Hi everyone, so recently I had a dream about iLove You (yes i'm that obsessed) and I wanted to share how this episode may play out. Comment what you think. :D

    Sam and Freddie are late for the webshow. They are trying to avoid each other because they just broke up (the break up happened in iCan't Take It) but Carly has to do the webshow. She tells Freddie Sam won't be there and she got a new co-host and vice versa with Sam. So they both agree to go to the webshow. When they see that they're both in there and they try to get out. Carly knew they were going to try to do this so she locked the door. Carly argues with Sam and Freddie to do the show. But state they won't talk to each other (haha probaly not gonna happen)

    • Random Dancing Starts*


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