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September 5, 2011
  • SpencerFan99

    This is my personal opinion. If you take offence to shippings easily, I reccommend you turn back.


    This episode really was good. It was plot twisting, unexpecting stuff happened, etc. The first half of the episode was kinda boring. At the end, I was really happy (at the time, I was a Seddier).

    iLost My Mind

    This episode was weird. Not bad, but weird. And was it neccessary to bring back Spencer's Book Club? :/, Really Dan?

    All ranting aside, Caleb was a good addition and like iOMG, the second half of the episode was really good. But how did Sam get out of there?

    iDate Sam and Freddie


    I did NOT like this episode.

    NOT. AT. ALL

    Carly was abused, being left out of hanging out with Sam and Freddie. Not even the le…

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