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  • SpencerandhisGoldfish

    Basically, you combine the names of two or more iCarly episodes that already exist, and give a short explanation as to what that episode could be about. It can be funny, serious, random, dramatic, shippy...anything you want! Here are some examples:

    • iLove Sam's Mom (iLove You + iSam's Mom) - Spencer falls in love with...Pam Puckett?!
    • iWin a Hot Room (iWin a Date + iGot a Hot Room) - iCarly holds a contest to win a room that looks exactly like Carly's
    • iLook Like an Idiot (iLook Alike + iLike Jake + iHire an Idiot) - Freddie's mom thinks that Freddie has been recieving too much freedom from her, so she starts buying him clothes from the Wild, Wild Vest
    • iStart MORE Fanwars (iStart a Fanwar + iWant More Viewers) - iCarly is back at Webicon, where a ne…

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  • SpencerandhisGoldfish

    Warning: The following blog post contains A LOT of Seddie. Non-seddie lovers, continue reading at your own risk!

    Helloo everyone!! I've been meaning to write this for a while, and I figured that since I have spring break this week, now would be the best time to do it. I mean, I tried to write it yesterday, but my computer crashed halfway through, which REALLY upset me. I hope that doesn't happen this time! :)

    Anyway, moving on. As you know, iOMG came out a little over a week ago, and it was a pretty special episode, especially considering that we finally got A SECOND SEDDIE KISS!!! Like their first kiss, of course, it was great! What I'm wondering, though, is which one was better. The kiss from iKiss or the kiss from iOMG. Honestly, after thi…

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  • SpencerandhisGoldfish


    February 27, 2011 by SpencerandhisGoldfish

    Hey everyone!! I was just watching some fan made iCarly videos on Youtube, and i want to know what songs you think best fit themes/ships such as Seddie, Creddie, Cam, iCarly in general, etc. I'm not talking about the songs that have already been played on iCarly (eg Running Away, Meant for Me, The Joke is On you) but any other songs. Soooo...what songs do you think best fit:

    1. Seddie (from Sam's POV)

    2. Seddie (from Freddie's POV)

    3. Creddie (from Carly's POV)

    4. Creddie (from Freddie's POV)

    5. Cam (from Carly's POV)

    6. Cam (from Sam's POV)

    7. Any other ship you like from any POV

    8. iCarly in general

    Note: When I say "ships", I'm not necessarily reffering to the romantic pairing. You can do friendship if you like.

    Anothar Note: You don't have to ans…

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  • SpencerandhisGoldfish

    My personal favorites would have to be iDrive through, Wake up Spencer, and Random Debates. I don't really like iNterviews or Nevel's poems that much though. Here is a list of all of the segments, in case you don't remember them:

    • iSpit
    • Mandy's vids
    • Sam orders food
    • iAct it Out
    • Eat Emmett Eat!! (i haven't seen that one in a while...)
    • Hey, what am I sitting on?
    • Celebrate the month
    • iCrush it on Wheels
    • Hey, what am I licking?
    • How to make your own webshow
    • Hey, what am i tickling you with? (hahaha this one's so strange but so funny at the same time)
    • iDrive through
    • iCarly Video Cards
    • Songs in the Shower
    • Disgusting Super Slow Motion
    • Baby Spencer
    • Projects for the Shower
    • iCrush it
    • Guess What I'm Giving you Clues About
    • Random Debates!!!!
    • Pathetic Plays
    • The Bra who tells gh…
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  • SpencerandhisGoldfish

    In iStart a Fanwar (Sorry, i know you probably don't want me bringing up that disaster , everyone talks a lot about Seddie and Creddie, including Carly, Sam and Freddie themselves. What i found surprising was that they talked about the pairings as if they already knew about them, and fully understood what they were. Sooo what i want to know from you is...How do you think that the main characters reacted to Seddie and Creddie when they first found out about them? (If they reacted at all, that is O.o) And how would you have wanted them to react? Also, if they ever found out about Cam, Cibby, Sibby, Spam, Spish, etc. how do you think they would react to that?

    Personally, I don't think the reactions to Creddie would've been that bad, …

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