In iStart a Fanwar (Sorry, i know you probably don't want me bringing up that disaster , everyone talks a lot about Seddie and Creddie, including Carly, Sam and Freddie themselves. What i found surprising was that they talked about the pairings as if they already knew about them, and fully understood what they were. Sooo what i want to know from you is...How do you think that the main characters reacted to Seddie and Creddie when they first found out about them? (If they reacted at all, that is O.o) And how would you have wanted them to react? Also, if they ever found out about Cam, Cibby, Sibby, Spam, Spish, etc. how do you think they would react to that?

Personally, I don't think the reactions to Creddie would've been that bad, since most of the fans already know (or think) that Freddie is in love with Carly. The reaction to Seddie would've been pretty interesting though, considering that they "hate" each other on iCarly (not outside of the show though). And the reaction to Cam...well that would all depend on how they feel about same gender relationships...

Please DISCUSS!!!! :)))

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