Hey everyone!! I was just watching some fan made iCarly videos on Youtube, and i want to know what songs you think best fit themes/ships such as Seddie, Creddie, Cam, iCarly in general, etc. I'm not talking about the songs that have already been played on iCarly (eg Running Away, Meant for Me, The Joke is On you) but any other songs. Soooo...what songs do you think best fit:

1. Seddie (from Sam's POV)

2. Seddie (from Freddie's POV)

3. Creddie (from Carly's POV)

4. Creddie (from Freddie's POV)

5. Cam (from Carly's POV)

6. Cam (from Sam's POV)

7. Any other ship you like from any POV

8. iCarly in general

Note: When I say "ships", I'm not necessarily reffering to the romantic pairing. You can do friendship if you like.

Anothar Note: You don't have to answer all of the questions if you don't want to!

Plz Comment!!!

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