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What is your favorite video segment on Least Favorite?

My personal favorites would have to be iDrive through, Wake up Spencer, and Random Debates. I don't really like iNterviews or Nevel's poems that much though. Here is a list of all of the segments, in case you don't remember them:

  • iSpit
  • Mandy's vids
  • Sam orders food
  • iAct it Out
  • Eat Emmett Eat!! (i haven't seen that one in a while...)
  • Hey, what am I sitting on?
  • Celebrate the month
  • iCrush it on Wheels
  • Hey, what am I licking?
  • How to make your own webshow
  • Hey, what am i tickling you with? (hahaha this one's so strange but so funny at the same time)
  • iDrive through
  • iCarly Video Cards
  • Songs in the Shower
  • Disgusting Super Slow Motion
  • Baby Spencer
  • Projects for the Shower
  • iCrush it
  • Guess What I'm Giving you Clues About
  • Random Debates!!!!
  • Pathetic Plays
  • The Bra who tells ghost stories
  • Wake up Spencer
  • iCarly iNterviews
  • Nevel's Poems
  • What's Baby eating?
  • Bernie the Depressed Welder
  • iCarly iNterventions
  • iNews
  • What's Gibby Thinking about?
  • iHave a Question

Wow...that is a long list!! I didn't think it would be nearly this big. Anyway, which segments are your favorite, and which are your least favorite? Plz comment below!!!! :) :) :)

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