So I had a REALLY strange dream last night. I was watching crush week on TV with my parents when an iCarly promo came on (yay!!). It was like the iStart a Fanwar promo, with the whole "Seddie vs. Creddie" thing (double yay!!). Then my dad suddenly says "Ugh, this is ridiculous. Everyone knows that Freddie's going start dating that blond girl! Why even bother with this promo? SEDDIE FTW!!!" My mom replies "Are you crazy?? Creddie is obviously going to happen! They're meant to be!!" Then my parents both stand up and have this full-on argument about which pairing is better: Seddie or Creddie. Then they started holding up the picket signs, which i think they just pulled out of thin air. It was...very wierd. Very funny, but very wierd.

Oh, and i had another dream a while ago when Nathan Kress enrolled in my :)

Did you have any iCarly related dreams recently? Write about them below! It can be about anything... seddie, creddie, cam, spish, nevel, mandy, nora, guppy, gibby, kristacia, etc. etc. etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc......

Wild turkey

Random turkey!! XD

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