Basically, you combine the names of two or more iCarly episodes that already exist, and give a short explanation as to what that episode could be about. It can be funny, serious, random, dramatic, shippy...anything you want! Here are some examples:

  • iLove Sam's Mom (iLove You + iSam's Mom) - Spencer falls in love with...Pam Puckett?!
  • iWin a Hot Room (iWin a Date + iGot a Hot Room) - iCarly holds a contest to win a room that looks exactly like Carly's
  • iLook Like an Idiot (iLook Alike + iLike Jake + iHire an Idiot) - Freddie's mom thinks that Freddie has been recieving too much freedom from her, so she starts buying him clothes from the Wild, Wild Vest
  • iStart MORE Fanwars (iStart a Fanwar + iWant More Viewers) - iCarly is back at Webicon, where a new topic is being discussed....CIBBY vs. SIBBY!
  • iLost my Car (iLost my mind + iGive Away a Car) - After going to a cuttlefish concert, the iCarlies spend 3 hours trying to find their car in the parking lot (Hey, I didn't say it had to be good!)
  • iCancel Dingo (iWon't Cancel the Show + iTake on Dingo) - iCarly (along with Sam's trusty butter sock) finally gets the Dingo Channel taken off the air! YAYY!!!

Try it!! :D (You know you want to....)

PS. The newly created episode doesn't have to be associated with the combined episodes in any way (eg. iLost my Car has nothing to do with iLost my mind OR iGive Away a Car)

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