• Spunser

    Most Despised Character?

    December 7, 2010 by Spunser

    Which iCarly minor/guest character do you despise the most?

    I say Wade Collins just a bit more hateable than Rhona Burger from iChristmas.

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  • Spunser

    First: I am not writing this to get anyone MAD or UPSET! It is just a thought that crossed my mind. Also - I can't possibly read everthing on this WIKI but maybe someone else has said or had this same idea.

    Second: I dont' really think this is true but it is fun to think about.

    Could Freddie and Carly be Brother and Sister?? (Luke and Leia from Star Wars and many posts on this WIKIA saying the Freddie and Carly are more like brother and sister got me thinking).

    We've never seen Freddie's Father or Carly's Mother. Mr Shay is in the military so he is not living in Seattle with his two children. (Military assignments are usually 4 to 6 years so it makes sense that he hasn't been around for the length of the show so far) What doesn't make sense is that he…

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  • Spunser

    I wanted to respond to a couple of other blogs about this topic but I was going on and on and I didn't want my "answer" clog up someone else's blog. Now I can rant and rave and no one even has to read it.

    Sadly, TV is all about advertising money. The more viewers a show has, the more the network can charge for product commercials during the show. Most people know this. Dan S know's his JOB is to (as he said in a piece I saw and I'm sure lots of you saw that aired on one of the nighttime news shows) "keep as many kids glued to their seats watching NICK as possible". I'm sure he feels his job is now to get as many people watching Victorious as watch iCarly. Then NICK can charge more for advertising on two shows. Victorious is just launching so he w…

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