Spring break + lack-of-activity => iCarly character blogs!

Note: I wrote these before I saw that there are real Freddie blogs on this website. :)


Heyyaa, sup? I am having the worst time. I know, I'm chillin', at home... but spending A WHOLE WEEKEND @ HOME can be so bad, who knew??!?! Especially since my mom just bought a new push-up bra and walks around wearing it- only the bra and a see-through miniskirt. GROSS!! Argh. Why did Carly and Freddie have 2 leave town 4 da weekend? Nononono, here comes meh motha. Yea, your bra looks absolutely fine! Ugh.!! It's making me sick. I need to get out of here somehow... well, actually this isn't a big problem. Hello, window. Mom, you can pay 4 the new window (she made it "unopenable", fyi.)!!!


Carly: Oh, I'm so sorry Sam :( I'm not having the best time either. U'll c. Ttyl! xoxo Carles~~

Freddie: If u manage 2 get out, do not break into my appartment.

Sam[user]: Lol u wish.

Nevel: Ha, ha, iCarlies. Ding! There goes my dinner bell. Die & rot.

How are your guys' weekends? Sam, I know your weekend is horrible, and PLEASE DON'T COMMENT. Carly, I hope you're having a blast @ the falls.

I am SO completely, utterly BORED. I'm @ my Granny Valentina's appartment in Lakewood (Washington). Lakewood! U probably think- grandmas, yay. But NO. She is the spiffiest, most old-fashioned, meanest, & oldest lady you'll evr meet. Srsly, she's 101. She makes me wear a bib 4 her "mealtimes". Low-fat, gluten-free, et cetera blah blah disgusting "food". She makes me drink triple-iron power algae juice- which her cousin's friend Mr. Henning (yup, you guessed correctly- our psychotic science teach :// ) made!!!!! ARGH! Surprise, surprise- my mother ttly loves it and encourages me 2 spend more time with th@...#*^&$&#*# I'm not gonna say it!! I'm on my PearBook, locked up in my frilly white stinky-stenchy room. U can barely call it a room, though. Oh no *groans* dinner time. Ttyl. ;-/


Carly: Aw. C u on Monday- huggies!!! <33 Btw, what's ap? My blog page doesn't have that...

Freddie[user]: AP stands for aggressive parenting. ::o Ughh. My mom set up my blogpage.

Sam: ..................noooooooo comment.......................

Sam: Okay, one thing: stinky-stenchy? Laame...

Nevel: Ha, ha, iCarlies. Ding! There goes my dinner bell. Die & rot.

@ the "Niagara falls", blogging from my PearPad.

Spencer is soo stupid. These aren't even the Niagara falls. You're prob thinking, WHAT?! But, yeah. Somebody tricked his bees-brain and now he paid 2 c a woodland creek. Guess who that somebody was... a very clever, mean brain.

... You've guessed correctly? Remember Spencer's arch nemesis, that nasty kid Chuck?!! Yeahh. I'm not even gonna say anymore.

I am bored, frustrated out of my mind and COLD! It is FREEZING here in "Canada"! Where are we even? I wish my PearPad had GPS... xoxo, Carly.


Sam: Seems our weekends all suck. >.< Hope u find help!!!!!

Spencer: SORRY!!!!!!! How could I have known...

Freddie: I hate Chuck!!can't wait 2 c u, huggies =)

Wendy: How did that even happen?! I'm sorry :-/

Nevel: Ha, ha, iCarlies. Ding! There goes my dinner bell. Die & rot.

StraightACarlaay 20:58, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

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