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Hi everyone! :]

I loved a blog game that a user over on Victorious wiki created, and I thought we should have it too! I hope this hasn't been made already, cuz that would be really embarrassing. xD

This is how it works:

The first commenter randomly hits keys on their keyboard (strike random keys, such as "sjkfhd").

Then, the next user doesn't reply, but adds a new comment making a sentence/various sentences using the letters of *the previous commenter's keyboard hit* as *the start of each word* AND adds their own keyboard hit. - for example:

first commentCornflakeCarly: "fawih7uerr"

next comment, not a replySailboatSam: "Finding Anna's whale is hard... 7 up, everyone, really rocks!


not a replyFiggyFreddie: "Wonders under Nora's rainforest never nag right. Everyone, wait!-- Aaah!


SuperSpencer: "Xylophone cow, very weird nickname indeed.


Haha, I hope you guys get it! ;D Have fun! ❤

S❤t❤r❤a❤i❤g❤h❤t❤A❤C❤a❤r❤l❤a❤a❤y Talk to me here! 03:14, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

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