It's so weird! I usually love iCarly but Season 4 is just... mehh!! Sam is acting too mean sometimes, especially in iSell Penny-Tees, and Carly is just kinda annoying. Spencer isn't sculpting as much anymore, Freddie is okay. It just was OOC.

iParty With Victorious, though, was a better because Mrs. Benson appeared and had some very funny lines, Mr. Howard had another appearance, and Spencer finally made a new sculpture.

I'd rather the iCarly people take longer to make the episodes, but make really good and funny episodes.

These episodes, and jokes, are just not great compared to Season 1's or 2's, or some in Season 3. I really like iPromote Techfoots and iPromise Not To Tell and many more of Season 1, iGo To Japan and iCook and many more of Season 2, and I really liked iPsycho and iBelieve in Bigfoot from Season 3. But in Season 4...? Ugh, idk...

Comment if you guys agree =/

StraightACarlaay 17:53, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

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