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OMG, I'm having a v v BAD weekend. Here's what's up- Spencer told me we were going to spend the days helping out our aunt Zoe on her farm. I was like, 'yay, farm animals!'. Well... one word: DISAPPOINTMENT. Turns out it's a POTATO farm. Mud, mud, mud, and- guess what?- MUD everywhere!!

First, we got lost trying to find it. It's in some freaky town in Idaho...Crookawhat? to which we had to travel almost a day to get to. >:o Idaho- land of the potato, according to the >Valerie Show<. Shoulda known.

Well, I spent the whole Saturday evening and afternoon digging around in the dirt. (ugh!! It was soooo hot outside! And the sun glared soo much!) Funny thing- no potatoes in disappointment farm. (Zoe remembered a little *too* late that it's not potato season yet. >.<) Srsly, it's just a pile of dirt. I didn't even get to sit in the shade of a tree or something. And I got to check my e-Mail only once. And Spencer? He was in the house the whole day, cooking for... YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. But ok, since I don't know who's reading this, it's the Double D's- the Dreaded Dorfmans.

Can't wait to get home in a couple hours.

xxxx Carly~

PS: Surprised there's internet- but only Sundays, and only for one hour.


Freddie: I feel so sorry. =[ Huggies from me!!

Sam: Cheer up, ur aunt Zoe doesn't walk around in just heels and underwear, does she?!

Nevel: Oh! Ha, Ha, I TOLD You You'd Rue The Day.

Briggs: I enjoy this. Suffering kids. ^.^

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