Yup, you guessed... another one of these fun random blog posts XD

This is what you need to do: One person writes one sentence in a comment, the next person continues with the next sentence, etc.

I think it's best if it's centered around iCarly, and to shippers: Feel free to bring Seddie/Creddie/whatever moments into the story! ;)

ex.: -One morning, Carly comes down the stairs, brushing her hair. (1st comment)

-Spencer yells, "Good morning, kiddo!", and stumbles sleepily out of his room. (2nd comment)

-Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. (3rd comment)

Lame example, but that's basically how it works. I hope this will be fun. =)

StraightACarlaay 13:28, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

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