You don't have to answer all!

1. Favorite Season,s so far I like all but I think I'd have to go with 1 because the jokes are really good

2. Favorite episode,s of Season One iPromote Techfoots

3. Favorite episode,s/movie,s of Season Two iGo To Japan

4. Favorite episode,s/movie,s of Season Three iPsycho

5. Favorite episode,s/movie,s of Season Four Hmm... iPity The Nevel probably

6. Favorite episode,s overall iPromote Techfoots

7. Favorite character,s Spencer, Carly, and Mrs. Benson

8. Least favorite character,s Marta Trundel, Grandfather Gibson

9. Favorite "ship,s" Cameddie, Fencer

(9,5. Favorite romantic "ship,s", if you want)

10. Least favorite "ship,s" Hmm... I don't know. Spam as a romantic ship?

StraightACarlaay 01:42, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

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