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    In my title I mean last scene

    Mine would go a little like this

    The trio are in the iCarly loft.

    Carly, Freddie and Sam are all packing up for college

    Carly: (crying) I am eally gonna miss you guys. Freddie your going to MIT and Sam your..... going to college.

    Sam: Yeah....... you to.

    Freddie: One last hug before we go.

    Carly and Sam (in unison) : Yeah! of course.

    Just as the finish hugging the Random dancing noise come on and Gibby and Spencer comes into the room

    and they all start to dance randomly.

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  • Stringtheoryrocks1

    Okay guys (and gals) I have to ask you this but what is your favourite movie quotes?

    Mine our (in no perticular order)

    I have failed you Anakin, I have failed you. -- Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the SIth

    Napoleon: Do the chickens have large talons? Farmer : What? Napoleon: Large talons. Farmer: I don't understand a word you just said -- Napoleon Dynamite

    "Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and f*** the prom queen." -- the rock

    "Do or do not; there is no try." -- Star Wars Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back

    "I guess sometime there just aren't enough rocks." -- Forrest Gump

    "You dont know the power of the dark side! -- Star Wars Episode 5

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    What is your favourite type of music is classical/baroque and my favourite piece is either

    Gro├če Fuge ( great fugue) by Ludwig van Beethoven

    Winter (allegro) by Antonio Vivaldi

    or Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel

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    Why blame Dan?

    December 4, 2010 by Stringtheoryrocks1

    I have seen other peoples blogs posts about icarly going downhill in season 4. I have to agree but, people seem to blame Dan Schneider. I blame the other writers and Nickeloden. I blame the other writers because it was not Dan who wrote iSell Penny-Tees it was Matt Fleckenstein so blame him for that episode. I am a mini seddie and I think that Nickeloden edited out the seddie questions (a bit like 4kids when they edited out the punch that Joey gave The Pharoh in season 4 which in my opinion is one of the best moments) so don't blame Danny boy for that either. Hopefully in an other episode iCarly's ratings will rise and it will be by mr. Dan Schneider. That is all I have to say and thank you for reading and please comment.

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