okay well this would be my speculation of iGoodbye. I hope yhu really like it.

Normal day at Ridgeway High for the golden trio.....

[Sam walks up to her locker]

"Hey Sam", said very disappointed Carly holding her books.

"Oh hey kid. Awh, why so glum?" Sam closes her locker and puts her extra papers in her backbag.

"Nothing.. I'll tell yhu a little later. Yhu can come over my house a little later, I'll explain."

"Okay. Well where's fredweirdo? I wanted to give--" Sam gets interuppted by Carly slamming her stuff on the ground.

"I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK!" Carly yells loudly.

"Wait what?! Your kidding, right?"

"Spencer got this new job there. The people at this huge museum are interested in his work. And he told me it's a great opportunity for awkward adults like him."

"Well maybe he--" Sam gets interuppted once again by Carly's yelling.

"Which I was very confused at because I'm pretty sure there are crazy people here that'd love for him to work for them." Carly stopped immediately, trying to catch her breath before she has a panic-attack.

"Carls. Calm down, kay? I'm sure he has a uh... good reason... to uhm.. take this job...?" Looks confused a little, she isn't sure what else to say.

"Good reason? What good reason would there be? Not good enough for me to leave my bestfriends behind. What'll happen to iCarly?!!"

Sam just grabs her and hugs her. "There there.. shhh."

"Hey peeps. Uhm.. is she okay?" Freddie looks concerned but confused.

"Nothin.. I just uh... stepped on her project for Mr. Hepphurn. It counted as extra uh......." Gets cut off by Carly.


"Credit. Now, what do yhu want?" Sam says very icy.

"Well I wanted to ask for my book back."

"What book?" Sam says sharply.

"Hunger Games..? Remember I gave it to yhu a week ago."

"Oh yeah." Searches in her backbag for the book. "Here yhu go."

"Thankyhu." Looks at it closely. "Wait a second. This isn't Hunger Games. Yhu gave me Adventures in BananaLand with the Pudgy Monkey."

"Ooops, my fault." Searches in her backbag for the book. "Oh I forgot, I left it at my house. My mom wanted to take a look at it.... and then she kinda gave it to her boyfriend... who gave it to his son."

"Sam!" Freddie glares at her.

"My bad Fredweiser."

"I gotta get to class. I'll see yhu two later I guess. Carly, feel better okay?"

"Thanks Freddie. But it'll take years for me to get over this." Starts to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"Wow. That project must've meant everything to yhu."

"Sure.." Carly looks at him like he's crazy.

"Bye." Freddie waves bye as he walks away.

This was only chapter 1. Hope yhu guise read the next chapter. Okay byeeee :)

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