aka Alondra

  • I was born on March 25
  • I am girl
  • Sugerplanet

    Hello to everyone(if there is anyone acctualy reading this) this is my first blog eve'r. Since this is my first blog I dont know what to write(or type) about. i might just start out of no where and end this just as randomly as it started. we go....

    I found this wiki one day while I was looking for more info about iOMG. At first all i did was read some of the comments and explored around then one day I decided to make an acount, and that my friends is how I came to be(well not really I started off in my moms tummy but thats a whole other story.) Although I had just started on this wiki I have been a Seddie fan since pretty much the show began. I will admit that in the beging I wasnt much of an iCarly fan and would only watch it he…

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