Hello to everyone(if there is anyone acctualy reading this) this is my first blog eve'r. Since this is my first blog I dont know what to write(or type) about. i might just start out of no where and end this just as randomly as it started. we go....

I found this wiki one day while I was looking for more info about iOMG. At first all i did was read some of the comments and explored around then one day I decided to make an acount, and that my friends is how I came to be(well not really I started off in my moms tummy but thats a whole other story.) Although I had just started on this wiki I have been a Seddie fan since pretty much the show began. I will admit that in the beging I wasnt much of an iCarly fan and would only watch it here and there I always though that Sam and Freddie were perfect for each other. I cant honestly say when i first became a Seddie fan but I do know that it was around the first season and I do remember that I loved Seddie even way before they first kiss. I do know why I like Seddie and not Creddie though, but it is for an opinion that i dont think I will share here just yet. After iOMG i was so estatic I honestly couldnt stop smiling and shriek like a crazed fan girl. I live in California so i did have to wath it later but I did go online earlyer and saw only parts of it. I do think im one of those people that may get overly obsessed with somthings but hey who doesnt. I vist this wiki and pages that I like pretty much daily. So now I guesse I'll ramble on about things about me. My name is Alondra, Im 15 years old and am currently in the 9th grade but school will end next monday and I will be taking summer school then going on a 2 week summer program. Sadly i think that i might not be able to be on the internet during my 2 weeks at the program. The program is going to be near the end of July and early Augst and i would hate to have to miss any new iCarly episodes esspecialy now with all the Seddie. I do hope and think that by the end of the show that Seddie will be together and strong.

So... I guesse thats it. I hope that this was a good first blog and I am unsure if there are more to come. But since i do like to write it is possible and i woould also hope to be starting on a Fanfiction.i have notebooks filled with thought scribbles and ideas. Until next time i hope you guys have an awesome Seddie filled time.<3

SEDDIE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D

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