As we all know, Dan Schneider has created many shows. Most of us here like them all, but I wanna know your favorite. As in, favorite show created by Dan. I figured that almost all of us would pick iCarly as our favorites, so what's your other favorite.

Write it like this if iCarly is your favorite:

My favorite is iCarly, but my second favorite is...

Write it like this if iCarly isn't your favorite:

My favorite show would be...

You can add more stuff if you like. That's just the basic way to write it. Don't be ashamed on what's your favorite. It's just your opinion!

And don't put Victorious since it came out very recently. (It's only acceptable if you haven't seen any other shows by Dan.)

P.S. If you only watch iCarly and no others, write that. It's okay to write that.

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