Okay, so I was watching iHeart Art, a season 1 episode, and I realized how much the show and characters have changed. Think about it. In season 1, we were still figuring out what the heck the show was about. Now, in season 4, we're having a one-hour special on Seddie vs. Creddie. Back then, we had no idea what any of that was. And Sam and Freddie had, like, no interaction together. Carly was still rejecting Freddie, since he still had his insane crush. And Spencer was...just Spencer I guess.

This line really made me laugh:

It was a right after they confirmed the whole Sam being nice to Freddie thing.

Freddie: So you wanna kiss me?

Sam: Kiss YOU?! I'd rather-I mean not at this time but I appreciate the kind offer.

Or something along those lines. And look a where they are now.

Aaahhh, those were the days.

Anyone else notice how much everyone change too; Freddie doesn't have his squeaky voice; Sam's hair is straighter and she has side bangs now; Carly hair went from short and straight to long and wavy; Spencer hair changed (like it always does); and Gibby's a main character. When Gibby first arrived we just thought he was the strange, but awesome freak who loves to take off his shirt. Now we see him in every episode.

Remember when the show first started and we didn't even know what anything was, really. Now we're typing blogs on this wiki, otherwise known as an iCarly fan website for all the obssessed fans.

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