If you don't know, Bade is the pairing of Beck and Jade (B/eck and J/ade) from Victorious.

I was watching Victorious and I was thinking, is Bade like Seddie if they dated?

Let's pretend Sam and Freddie are dating.

Freddie would probably have to put up with Sam if they're dating. Not exactly "put up", but he will have to find the good side of Sam, like how Beck, even though Jade is always mean, loves Jade the way she is.

Jade: "You love me again."

Beck: "Who said I stopped."

See, Beck loves Jade, even though Jade can be a "gank".

Sam is very similar to Jade. She's not goth, but she definetely has a bad side to her.

Also, Bade's 'rivaling' ship is Bori, which is the pairing of Beck and Tori (B/eck and T/ori). Tori can be sorta like Carly because Tori is the main character and has kissed Beck, like Carly kissed Freddie. And both Carly and Tori are sweet and really just want the best for their friends.

So the burning question is:

Is Bade Like the Future Seddie???

We can only guess.

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