I think everyone in the world knows about Seddie and Creddie if they watch iCarly. But has anyone thought about how Dan came up with this whole fanwar idea? In Zoey 101, yes, it did end up with Chase/Zoey (which is obviously a relationship like Creddie). But there was also the love/hate relationship (Logan/Quinn-which is like Seddie). I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure he made Zoey 101 before Drake and Josh (correct me if I'm wrong). In Drake and Josh, Josh ended up with Mindy (a love/hate relationship like Seddie). Do you think because he made love/hate relationship in both shows, that he likes love/hate relationships better? Zoey 101 did have the 'crush relationship', but maybe the fans didn't like that kind of relationship that much and made the love/hate relationship, too. In Drake and Josh, he only made a love/hate relationship, and maybe that didn't get enough views as he expected, so he made iCarly to go back to square one and see if fans like the love/hate relationship or the crush relationship. Anyone ever thought of that??? In Victorious, he also might be trying something new. But we can't say since it's only season 1.

So is Dan just getting ideas on what fans thought of his other shows or is he trying to mix things up?

(Either way, he still started a fanwar.)

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