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Let's Learn About Each Other (Part 2)

I made a blog like this before. Here's the link. If you want to answer the questions from that, it's totally up to you. Some people gave me great suggestions, so I made a new blog about it. I put the suggestions in here and made up some of my own. Here they are:

1) Favorite Song

2) Favorite Type of Music

3) Favorite Book

4) Favorite Type of Movie

5) Favorite Vacation Spot

6) Favorite Drink

Here's my answers:

1) Favorite Song- Grenade by Bruno Mars or Firework by Katy Perry (for now-it changes like every week)

2) Favorite Type of Music- Pop or hip-hop, probably

3) Favorite Book- Maybe...Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (one of the girliest books written, I know)

4) Favorite Type of Movie- I like comedy and romance, so probably a romantic comedy.

5) Favorite Vacation Spot- I like tropical places like Bermuda and also fun places like Disney World

6) Favorite Drink- SODA without a doubt

Comments anyone? Suggestions are good too. :)

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