Yes, a part 3!! To see part 1, click this. If you wanna see part 2, click this. Whether you wanna comment on either of them, it's totally up to you.

I'm giving a shout-out to the people who gave me suggestions. You guys are great.

I put some of the suggestions in here, soo...hope you have fun answering them:

1) Favorite Animal

2) Favorite Holiday

3) Favorite Sport

4a) Favorite Actor (other than boys from iCarly)

4b) Favorite Actress (other than girls from iCarly)

5) Favorite Cartoon

6) Favorite Mythical Creature

Here are my answers:

1) Favorite Animal- Lion *rawr*

2) Favorite Holiday- Christmas

3) Favorite Sport- Dance (dance is a sport)

4a) Favorite Actor- Maybe Johnny Depp, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey...

4b) Favorite Actress- Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Liz Gillies, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato (and a lot more)...

5) Favorite Cartoon- Avatar: The Last Airbender

6) Favorite Mythical Creature- Cerbereus

Comments? Suggestions?

To go to part 4, click here.

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