You guys been waiting long enough, and....part 4 is here!!!! As always, here's the links to the past blogs:

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Comment on all four already out and you get a special prize!! Just kidding! You won't get a prize, but it's very well-appreciated (did I say that right?).

And I wanna thank the people who gave suggestions...don't worry you'll get a little something.

Anyway here are the questions:

1) Favorite School Subject

2a) Favorite Fruit

2b) Favorite Vegetable

3) Favorite City

4) Favorite Type of Weather

5) Favorite Christmas/Winter Character (if you don't celebrate Christmas, write Winter)

6) Favorite Halloween Character

Here are my answers:

1) Favorite School Subject- Social Studies (not because I like the subject, because I love my teacher!!)

2a) Favorite Fruit- Strawberry :3

2b) Favorite Vegetable- I don't really like vegetables, so I guess...string beans.

3) Favorite City- NEW YORK CITY, BABAY!!

4) Favorite Type of Weather- Hot and sunny with a breeze. Ahhh! :)

5) Favorite Christmas Character- Rudolph!! He's so cute!!!

6) Favorite Halloween Character- The Headless Horseman *evil laugh*

Comments? Suggestions?

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