We all know we love iCarly (obviously), but we don't really know much past that. Some of us know each other's name, age, gender, and location, but we don't really know more than that. So here's a few questions (without getting too personal):

1) Favorite Color

2) Favorite Food

3) Favorite Snack

4) Favorite Movie

5) Favorite TV Show (other than iCarly)

6) Favorite Activity

Here are my answers:

1) Color-Red

2) Food-Chicken Fingers

3) Snack-Chips and Salsa

4) Movie-Don't really know

5) TV Show-Pretty Little Liars (Yeah, I love comedy, but I take a break and watch some good drama once in a while)

6) Activity-Going online and watching TV

So I told you about me, so what's some stuff about you. :)

To see part 2, click here.

To see part 3, click here.

To see part 4, click here.

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