The Creddie VS. Seddie war has been going on forever, especially after iStart a Fanwar promos came out. I really don't like the wars, but I've gotten in on it myself. Me and my friend are sorta in a war. We're not killing each other or anything, it's more of a friendly war, but it almost got out of hand. After she saw the promo, she told me, at lunch in school, that she liked Creddie. I was fine with that even though I liked Seddie. But then she was saying how much better Creddie was then Seddie and that Seddie wasn't good because they don't like each other since they fight all the time and that their kiss was "just to get it over with" and she made it seem like they shouldn't even be friends, so that got me annoyed. We spent the whole lunch period screaming at each other because of it. Now, we just do the Seddie/Creddie thing through e-mail.

I'm getting info off this website about Seddie and in my last e-mail I even included info about Creddie (she didn't answer back yet though). In her e-mails, she says mainly that Carly and Freddie have been flirting with each other since the beginning of the show and that they are "meant for each other." I'm fine that she has her own opinion and I don't exactly want her to become a Seddie fan, but she said that, in iSpeed Date, the only reason Sam left while Carly and Freddie were dancing was because Sam knew Carly and Freddie were meant for each other and she didn't wanna ruin the moment. That's what really got me frustrated. That's her own way of seeing it, but that's so unbelievable. She probably left because she felt unwanted. Not because she wanted Carly and Freddie to be together and maybe not even because she likes Freddie.

Do you think I'm wrong doing this? Remember I'm not trying to convince her to like Seddie. I just want her to understand it. Give your honest opinion.

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