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My Thoughts of You ~ New Series

I decided that I should make a nice, friendly game-thing. So the whole point of this is that all of you users comment (I'm hoping everyone does; even if I don't know you) and then I'll make another blog and write a blog explaining what I think of them, trying to be as nice as possible. But, if this blog has a lot of comments, I'm going to write a blog with three people, but it's not like that would change the size of your paragraph.

It might sound confusing,'s an example:

*Someusernamepersonthing, Anotheruser, and Blurperderp comment on my blog*

*I make blog writing a paragraph about each of them (seperately)*

And I'm also gonna add pictures just to make it more fun. ^.^

It probably still sounds confusing, but just comment and you'll figure it out. xP

Note: I got the series idea from Jess and Ace, but don't give any credit to them because I'm cooler den dem.

I promise I won't hurt anybody from anything I wrote. I'm gonna be as honest, but as friendly and optimistic, as I can.


  • Booklover101
  • Seddiafoeva
  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder
  • SCherry08
  • EpicFork
  • Sparklyplatypus
  • 3cooldog2
  • Thenikz0811
  • PurpleSpaghetti23
  • Godlovesusall
  • DoubleCross♥
  • Magicboots
  • DawnBTVS
  • Jon23812
  • AllYouNeedIsSeddie
  • StraightACarlaay
  • Staygoldx16
  • Seggum
  • SakraTheHedge
  • SeddieWarrior
  • Owlfost1
  • NeneG
  • MagicalMango
  • SpencerFanGirl123
  • Bowtie1196
  • DaCheeseMaster45
  • Seggum

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