The title might explain it. Well, this blog is about new userboxes. Yeah, so I've been thinking about a few more userboxes, but I want it to get more views and I wanna see what you guys want for some new userboxes. Like new Cam userboxes since there are many Seddie userboxes and a few Creddie userboxes, too. But only one other Cam. And it's Cam Warrior. (I even wrote almost the same thing on the userbox page.) So maybe we could change the Cam Warrior to something else, since there is Seddie Warrior and Creddie Crusader, so we should change the Cam userbsox to something else.

And we should make more userboxes in general. Like, "this user's favorite episode is..." Does anyone have any other suggestions? Like, *name character* enthusiast or more random userboxes. I was thinking "This user loves dancing randomly" or "This user makes their children floss my toes." Any other suggestions?

Comment on what you think should be another userbox.

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