This is all you hear these days:

"Creddie's lame and boring! Seddie is so much better"

"No way! Seddie's retarded! It's terrible!"

Then you would hear:

"Don't be mean to the other pairings. Make peace."

  • Write a blog post about it*

"I saw this one comment saying..."

And you get the idea. Is there any need to write that? You can think that Creddie/Seddie is bad or that one's better, but you don't need to write it online where everyone can see and then you start a riot! Can't we all just get the fact that we all have different opinions?! One might like Seddie while the other likes Creddie. Does that mean we have to hate each other??? We all watch iCarly, we're just rooting for a different ending. Think about people who AREN'T Seddie or Creddie. Cam, Spam, Fencer, etc. shippers have to go through our pointless fighting and it's not like they fight back because they don't want people calling there ship weird or saying it's stupid. I've seen that before. I think a Cam shipper commented on something and a Creddie or Seddie shipper said that Cam's weird. That's mean to other ships. You don't want people calling your ship weird, do you? Can't we all remember that iCarly's about COMEDY!

Remember in iStart a Fanwar, which I actually really liked, when Carly said,

"iCarly's not about our romantic relationships. The who dates who thing can be fun."

Freddie: "But don't get too caught up in that stuff."

Don't forget that Dan has to go through all this too. He wasn't offending anyone and he was parodying us. (See his blog about iStart a Fanwar for more info.) People write all over his blog Seddie FTW!!! or Creddie rocks!!!! That even annoys ME! And it's bad for the actors too. Fans could go up to them and be all like "Oh my god, you look totally cute with Freddie! You guys, like, have to date!" If I was an actress, that would annoy the heck out of me.

And let's all support the friendship of each character. Even if Creddie or Seddie doesn't happen, the trio's friendship would last a lifetime. :)

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