So, here you can list all your pet peeves. Kinda like a vent blog. Just name a topic and start ranting. xD

Some of my pet peeves:

  • When girls try to act all "hot" in profile pictures. Like, really, can't you do something better with your life? Seriously, put on some clothes for once. -.-
  • When fake people say they hate fake people....irony.
  • How people say tumblr is stupid and all you do is reblog stuff. Tumblr is a magical place to find people with common interests.
  • The Hunger Games "fans". "I never read the book, but I really wanna see the movie. The book's too long." Dude, read the freaking book and then see the movie!
  • Facebook. Guys, I know when it's raining. You don't have to post 9 million statuses about it.
  • Popular people. They're so overrated. They're not even that cool and they always start stupid drama. Well, at least the kids in my school. Not sure about everyone else's.
  • Relationships at my age. "illyyy babbyy<3" Shut up. You're gonna break up in a week, tops.
  • Disney haters. Disney is my freaking life. You insult it, you die. Simple as that.
  • Guys with their pants hanging below their waist. Have fun living with your mom when you get older.
  • Ex-best friends. They all turned into sl*ts after they left me. :P
  • Stereotypes and titles. Someone wearing black = goth, Someone wearing glasses = nerd. *coughs* HALL NAAWWHHH. Some people just irk me instantly...and those are the people that give out titles like that. -_-
  • Wannabees. Ugh, my class is full of them. I've talked to this one popular girl before and she hates them. Wannabes are so annoying, thinking they're so popular when no one actually likes them.
  • When people bag on Ezra/Ezria. Pretty Little Liars rant! Ezra's awesome, and Ezria's my OTP. So shut up before I kill you.

(took out the last one to get rid of further confusion)

So now it's your turn. Write down one of your pet peeves and rant. One rant per comment. If you want to make another rant, write another comment. It's easier to comment if there's only one thing that's vented...if that's a word.

Okay...COMMENT! :)

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