XSophieSakura is unsure on whether or not she should keep her administrative rights. She actually demoted herself, but due to people protesting the decision, I decided to make a poll discussing the subject. To make the results unbiased (to not get answers from the people who are her friends begging her to stay), I made a poll on this blog so ALL users on this wiki can vote, whether you know her well or not.

If you don't know her, she created this wiki and helped build it. She was unable to go on for a long period of time due to heart problems. She's back and became an admin again, but now she's not sure whether she really wants to be one or not.

I feel EVERYONE on this wiki should have a say in this matter. Vote on the poll below. I took the poll off. Everyone vote on Survey Monkey.

Also, if you have a good reason behind what you voted, please comment below to persuade people what answer they should put.

This is a serious discussion, so please don't put "no" unless you actually want her to be demoted, not as a joke.

If you put "not sure", that means you don't really care for this subject or you don't really know what to do.

If you don't know her and you're actually not sure what to put, loo through her userpage and her contributions. You may also look at her old account, Isoph.

Let's try to make Sophie stay! (:

NOTE: She's taking this VERY seriously. Please don't joke around.

Read this blog, please! It goes in-depth on why Sophie makes a good admin.

UPDATE: Due to people voting on different browsers and cheating, we have decided to move the poll over to Survey Monkey. Please press the link below and vote.

To see the results, click this blog!!!

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