So I was just wondering some stuff and I wanted to know what you think.

1) If a pairing were to be together, when do you think it would happen? Like what would you think would make them like each other? (NO UNREALISTIC PLOTS!)

2) If Spencer was watching iCarly at Webicon, how do you think he would react about the fanwar about Seddie and Creddie?

3) What do you think Mandy, Nevel, and Nora would ship? (Don't write a ship just because you like it.)

4) If Mandy and Nora met each other, what do you think would happen?

5) If the iCarly crew were to look back at their memories from when they first starting iCarly (the webshow, not T.V. show), what do you think they were to remember the most? (Scene with all three of them.)

6) What would happen if iCarly was on Teen Nick? Would Cam have a better chance?

7) If Cam did happen (or any ship that had girl/girl or boy/boy), how do you think the parents would react?

8) Is Dan using scenes from old shows for inspiration for other shows? (Example: Robbie (from Victorious) being based off of the French guy with the 'poopet' in iGo to Japan or getting Trina's wisdom teeth out and being loopy based off of Sam in iThink They Kissed)

9) If Carly or Sam did not date Freddie at the end of the series, who do you think they should be with instead? (Example: Freddie with Melanie, Carly with Adam, Sam with Gibby) No girl/girl or boy/boy pairings, since it is unlikely for it to actually happen, even though I wish Cam would happen.

I put this poll in so it would be anonymous and I want to know:

Am I wasting my time writing all these questions?

The poll was created at 19:53 on December 9, 2010, and so far 29 people voted.

So start voting and I would love to hear everyone's response.

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