First, I wanna say that I'm not actually Spanish so I don't really know why I wrote "dos". I'm just kinda bored at 10 at night. Anyway, if you don't know why this is part "dos," check here.

The blog is here just for writing random Seddie stories that could be ANYTHING - but has to have Seddie, of course. :D

To Creddiers (if you're reading this) - You could write Seddie stories too, but I'm sure you don't want to. So, you could make a Short, Stupid, Random, Creddie, Things - Part Two blog also (FFF T did the first).

Ready for some Seddie fun! :D

Here's an example (posted by Cartoonprincess):

[At the iCarly Studio]

Carly: Do you like Freddie?

Sam: Yes.

[Carly throws herself out the window.]

Freddie: What happened to Carly?

Sam: She threw herself out the window after I told her I like you.

Freddie: Oh.

[They start making out.]

So, whatcha doin' still looking at this? POST!

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